About us



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Retroworks began in 2007 as 14th Place Trading Company, a new business that designed and produced the Caesar Cipher Medallion. The medallion was created for a children's treasure hunt for some neighborhood kids, when we quickly realized the allure of this classic piece of Americana. 

This one item was popular enough, that we began designing several more varieties of decoder rings, and our unique new niche was realized.

We have since added our Translator Rings, Converter Rings, various wearable sundials, our famous Cryptex, and many other interesting products.


In 2011 we became Retroworks, a name that reflects the inspiration from classic and forgotten relics of the past.


In the coming months we plan to assemble a wider range of "Secret Stuff", and begin making modern reproductions of other articles of antiquity.


Our rings have been seen on The Colbert Report and Shake it Up Chicago. They have been used in many classrooms and corporate events. They have been used in engagement proposals, wedding rings, by soldiers staying connected to children and loved ones at home, and of course by legions of kids sending secret messages to one another.


Thank you all for your business, and we look forward to seeing you visit again!